"Eyewear for those who dare to be different."  -  20/20 Magazine / USA
"RADICAL EYEWEAR has turned specs into a must have accessory for the daring." -  MIVISION magazine / AUSTRALIA
Eyeglasses designed by architect.
"They are super comfortable and a style symbol all of their own." - MIVISION magazine / AUSTRALIA



Idea of the brand:

Brand born out of a need.
Years of searching for stylish glass frames at a decent price, our passion for designing and love of fashion have made us create our own frame design that would fulfil our high expectations and suit our rock-n-roll and avant-garde personalities. We had almost everything – cool shoes, t-shirts and trousers. We played in a rock band and made indie films. We missed only one thing – stylish glasses, something we had to wear but did not want to. We decided to make a radical change.

RADICALs are the spectacles for daring people who are not afraid to stand out from a grey crowd. For people who expect something else from life. These glasses are for those who are not scared of manifesting their personality with their clothes. For people who appreciate originality and good designs. Our eyewear is for the open-minded and self-confident, who prefer avant-garde to mediocrity.
This frames are not just corrective glasses – they are a gadget, a style symbol and an original accessory.

RADICALs are frames made of very light acetate with spring hinges, very comfortable to wear.
Design of RADICALs is compilation of 60's style and modern minimalism.
In some shapes (Benny) you can find also influences of funky style.